May 24, 2009

1st Cricut Cards

I made these cards for Mother's Day. The pink and black card is the "Doily" card from the Wildcard Cartridge. I cut it on some pretty shiney pink paper and took some thin black ribbon and wrapped the cuts of the doily. I added the flowers and a little bling. It was for my MIL. I sent it over with my husband, but have no idea if she liked it or not because she never said a word about it. Oh well, I tried.

The pink and silver card was made for my SIL, also with Wildcard. I don't remember the name of the cut. It may have been something as simple as "Oval" or something like that. She never commented or mentioned the card either. I accented it with silver paper, "diamond" bling and silver ribbon.

These were the 1st cards, actually 1st projects period, ever made on my Cricut Expression. The beginning of what I hope to be a long wonderful friendship.... LOL!

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