May 24, 2009


A few years ago working on a website for me was no problem. *ahem* What the heck happened? This is just weird!! All I want is a nice background, a nice header picture and 3 columns so that my stuff isn't all bunched together. I got none of the above. I have been sitting here for about 5 hours messing with this and it is not as easy as it is suppose to be. I am not computer or web illiterate at all, but this sure is making me feel like I am. The selection for blogger templates is crappy. You can either find a background or a header, but not the combination. The ones that I was able to find have something wrong in the script so Blogger can't run it. Oh well. What's here is what's here. For now it is the best I can do. I can't mess with it anymore right now. It would go to the delete file.
Not I am going to attempt to upload some things I have made. Maybe I can get that right. *grin*
Hoping everyone is having a SAFE and Happy Memorial Weekend!

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