Jun 13, 2009

Father's Day Cards

This is the 1st thing that I created with my
new toy, the Cuttlebug!
I made this card for my Dad for
Father's Day. It's hard to make a card
that isn't all "frilly"!
I'm going to show the pictures then
write what I did at the bottom if anyone
wants to know.

This picture kinda shows the shine that
is on the card. I made this card using
SEVERAL steps.

This picture shows the embosses that I
did using my Cuttlebug.

This picture I think you can see all the layers.
The embossing, the shine and the cover.


What I did....

(Hope I can remember, I worked on this card for 2 hours!!)

I embossed the bottom paper with the "Diamonds in the Rough" folder. Then I used Ranger's "Perfect Pearls" (Perfect Bronze) to highlight some of the "diamonds" and around the edges. (I didnt dust the middle because it would be covered up). Then I took another sheet and embossed it with using the "Bird Call" folder. I used the "Perfect Pearls" (Perfect Pearl) to highlight the bird and around in the "grass" area. I attached the pieces together to form the front of the card. I had to add another layer because the Perfect Pearls comes off on your hands (yes, I used Ranger's Perfect Medium). I didn't want my Dad freaking out about it getting all over him so I used a piece of "Clear Craft Plastic" cut down to cover the entire front of the card. I used attached it to the card with a bronze eyelet in each of the top corners. I didn't attach it at the bottom. Honestly, I can't believe how nice this card came out. I have never made a card for my Dad and I wanted it to be special.

I really hope he likes it, I worked my butt off!!!

Comments would be great! Thanks for looking!

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~Jeri~ said...

I really liked how it turned out!! I like the rustic look of it. Will have to play with my perfect pearls some more. I love it though and I'm so glad you're having fun with your new toy!!