Jun 13, 2009

Father's Day Cards

This is one of the cards I made and will
be giving to my hubby for Father's Day.
It's a little different, but he will like that.
Details of what I did will be below pictures.

With flash to show the shine and detail.

With the flash again.

No flash to help show the colors.

No flash again.


What I did....
This card is 5x7 size, so larger than normal.

I used a piece of shiney paper for the bottom
layer of the card. It is from the
"Best Occasions, Metallic Paper Pack",
(I got it at Walmart). I cut it down to cover the
front of the card.
Then I took a piece of "Clear Craft Plastic" by Grafix
and embossed it with the "Devine Swirls" folder on my CB.
After I embossed it I used my Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks
(Adirondack colors and Mixatives) to do an air splatter
effect. You can see how to do that here:

Alcohol Inks dry instantly, so when you use the air can
they dry a lot faster. You have to work quickly when
doing it or the ink won't "move" around right. I had to
erase mine with the "Alcohol Blending Solution" and
start over after my 2nd color application. They say you can
drop more than 1 drop or color at a time, but with how fast
it dries I had a hard time with that so I did 1 at a time.
When that was done I attached the shiney paper to the
card using my Zig Jumbo Tip and I attached the painted
surface "inside out" I guess you say using clear glue dots.
I put the painted surface down for 2 reasons. First, it shows
the swirl emboss better and Secondly to keep the ink from
rubbing or maybe chipping off.
The entire plastic sheet is not covered in ink. It has a lot of
areas that are still clear. The shiney paper gives it a nice effect
and looked better than plain white paper.
Thanks for looking! Comments Welcome!! :)

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#1Aunt said...

That is so cool! I might have to look into those alcohol inks after all!