Jun 22, 2009

Paint Can

This is my 1st attempt at a paint can.
Made this for my MIL. What an adventure
this was. Making the paper go around the
can was interesting, but I got it to work!
I added some other things to the backside of
the can when I got home from work tonight,
but haven't taken the pictures of it yet. Will
update again later. :)
Thanks for looking. Comments Welcome!


Jessica said...

I love your blog! So cute! I have a blog award for you. Come a snag it at my blog!


Keeling said...

Hi Nancy,

Thanks for the tip you left at my blog! Love yours by the way! You're so creative. I'd love to add you to my blogroll if you don't mind! I'm definitely going to check out the cutest blog on the block website. Thanks again!


Enfys said...

This is lovely, I have never altered one of these tins, I just know that wrapping that paper round the outside would be so tricky.... you did a great job
En x