Jun 7, 2010

Boxes....... and lots of them

Since Im here posting..... may as well post the "box showcase". I dont think this is all of them, but its some of the boxes that I have made for some swaps on the cricut boards. Each box is different and one of a kind. They are getting harder to do as I dont want them anywhere alike.

This is what the boxes look like when I start.

Diane's box...... this was the 1st one!

Janice's box

Jeri's box

Kim's box

Baby Lilah's box

Mom's box (we made this together last weekend)

Patrick's box (Diane's grandson)

Rhonda's box as seen on The Girlfriends Club website

Tammy's box

Veronica's box

There are a couple of more, but I cant find the pictures
of them.  I know that 1 that is missing is Cindy's, but cant
figure out who else's is missing.

I really do like doing these, but dang they are getting hard to do!


Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy said...

Ok so you know I am totally JEALOUS that I do not have one right!?!? You are amazingly talented sweetie! I love them all but my favorite is the very first one! Great job! You have such an eye for detail and matching personalities to boxes! Amazing!

RubyM:) said...

I LOVE THEM ALL.AWHH JERI'S HAVE CUTE FLOWERS ALL OVER IT!! I like the front of veronicas very vintage and elegant my style!! oh and taht white one is precious. I JUST LIKE THEM ALL!! Hey we need a nancy tutorial for these boxes lol!! no pressure lol!!! umm yeah your missing the Ruby box(wink wink) HE HE HE RubyM:)

jjabauer said...

All the boxes that you made are beautiful! You have so much talent,everything that you make is beautiful!