Jun 10, 2010

Guess what I got??

I got some stamped Tildas in the mail today....... some of them even have the backgrounds stamped on them!!  YAY!!  I so totally cant wait to color these!!  Thank you, Janice (GrandmaJ) for sending these to me!  woot, woot! 

I copied all the originals on the copy machine so that I can copy them as needed on my good paper, thanks to Ruby for this tip!  :)

I just finished doing that and now I am going to settle down and scribble for a little bit.

Thank goodness tomorrow is FRIDAY! 

I love saving these as "yea whatever"...... it gets Ruby all cracking up!  haha!

1 comment:

RubyM:) said...

OK EITHER I'M A STOCKER OR I JUST HEARING YOUR WHINING LOL!!! GIRL I WANNA SEE A BACKGROUND COLORED.I'm waiting on mine.Mail carrier is coming late since my normal one is on vacation.TAPING AND JUST WAITING!RubyM:)