Jun 15, 2010

Vintage Mini Album Swap

Hey again :D

Arent you proud of me?? woohoo!!

I wanted to share the mini album that I made for Kim in the vintage mini album swap. She received it last week, along with the box that I made her. I was so happy to hear that she likes it (although she wouldnt tell me otherwise even if she did hate it..... LOL)

Have to post tags too......... will be back in a few!  :)


Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy said...

WOW! I see some wood things I sent you and of course your favorite pearls on a string! I love how you added lots of spaces for pictures, I will be stealing some of those ideas BTW! Great job, when are you changing this freaky girl?????

MaureenHanson said...

I love your album Nancy, the colour, your use of fibres, and the butterflies and bling, so very nice.... Great Job as usual!