Jul 30, 2010


I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!

Did you miss me?  LOL

Before I begin this post, let me just say THANK YOU to everyone for the kind words about the loss of my "Mom".  Although she wasnt my mother, she was my Mom for 15 years.  I love her very much and I will miss her more than words can ever say.  RIP Diane Holmwood.
For those that don't know here are some links you can see so you will understand what I was going through while I was in Chicago at CHA.

This one is the news video on Fox 5 Atlanta

This is the article that Fox 5 Atlanta did

I had a BLAST in Chicago and at CHA.  Although I got some very upsetting news while I was there, I think it was a nice trip.  HUGE THANK YOU to Cindy for letting me go!!

Guess what I finally got?!

I look like crap in this picture.  I was dealing with
the sudden death of a family member while I was up there.
I was torn between staying in Chicago or coming home.
I stayed.......
Although I would have loved to have been home with my
family, there wasnt anything I could really do and the day after
she was found I came home.  Its been a long week :(
RIP Mom...... I love you and I will miss you very much!

I left the house after putting my makeup on, curling my hair
and was looking decent..... then the news and the humidity set in.
It was all downhill from there...

I did, however, get my picture with my Timmy.  He also gave
us an autographed set of embossing folders :D
The funny thing, it is the one set that I didnt have!!
Isnt that weird???
For some reason I never bought them..... strange!

The other cool thing, and thanks to Ansley for
calling me to tell me that she saw it...
Check this out!!

That is us at Tim's demo at the Ranger booth!  WOOT, WOOT!
It is on TIM'S BLOG! 
::::happy dance::::
So, in looking at this picture, can you see me?
The bottom right corner... blue shirt.. hair up....

After taking my Timmy picture I got to take this one....

He is Timmy's PIC.....
It was cool because Mario knew me too :D
I mean, its not hard to forget "ForTheLOVEofTIM"

I also got to see my other favorite person...
She is sooo freaking CA-UTE!
And guess what?!  When it was my turn to talk
to her, she looked at my badge and said...
And she gave me a big hug!

She is just so sweet!
I did a great make-n-take at the zutter booth using
Donna's paper, zutter cardboard for the covers,
Donna's distrezz it all, the bind it all and of course
her new Smooch spritz line.
Sorry to all you TA lovers, but GM does NOT shimmer
as good as smooch!  I had never used it before, but dang
it is super POW WOW!  Ba-lingy!

I also got to meet Amy from Mod-podge rocks,
if you havent ever checked out her site you need to!
I didnt get to take a picture with her though.

It was just so exciting that these people that I know from
the internet and from using their products and loving their talent,  
that are in this business actually knew me!
Tim Holtz, Mario Rossi, Donna Salazar and Amy Anderson!
So, I guess that I'm not really just a "nobody", ey?

I took lots of pictures while I was there, but with everything
going on here, plus the end of the month at work I havent had
time to sit down and go through them.  Its going to be a long weekend
with the Memorial Party for Mom (per her request) so I'm not promising
when I will get them uploaded. 

Wait until you all see the new Prima stuff *drools*
Its BEAUTIFUL!!  The butterflies and the flowers...... ooOoOOOo

Then of course there is the new Cricut machine... it's cool, but I
don't think it is worth $600.  :/
I will have to wait for the price to come down (like in HALF!!)

Anyway, theres a ton to tell you about, but I promised that I would post
a few pictures as a kick start.  Between Cindy and I we got a couple
hundred pictures so there is plenty to entertain you with.  *smile*


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