Jul 16, 2010

Final note.....

I have another box to share, but I dont have pictures.  Im hoping that the new owner, Crystal, will take
pictures for me so that I can share.  I am so bad about not taking pictures and I always have to get the "owners" to take them and send them to me.  As soon as I get a picture I will post it.
(hint, hint...... Crystal)


I leave for Chicago in 1 week from today!  WOOHOO!!

Will post again later!

::::::EDITED TO ADD::::::::
Here are the pictures of Crystal's box that I made her for the SS color swap on the CMB.

As you can see it is a different style box.  I liked making this one!  It was so nice to do something that was different for once!  Crystal can definately say this is a "one of a kind".  :D

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Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy said...

Pictures taken and sent to you