Sep 1, 2010

YOU Decide.......

Hey Everyone!  Sorry that I have been slacking again.  So many changes going on, Im just having a hard time keeping up with real life, much less anything else.  I am angeling a spot in Becca's mini album swap on the CMB.  I am having such a hard time with it.  It has turned into 2 albums.  I need for YOU to help me decide which I should finish and send to Jerzey.  Please leave a comment and let me know which one you like the best.  Both of these are totally done differently.  On 1 album I used Tim Holtz's Lost and Found paper pack and the other one I used Mariposa.  Neither of them are complete.  I still have to complete the tags and finish embellishing. 

On with the photos......

The album on the left is the Tim Holtz themed album.
The album on the right is the Mariposa themed album.

Here are a couple of closeups of the front covers

I LOVE the blue flowers that I made for this cover.
I made 2 different styles of them using Tim's tattered florals die.
I dont normally have good luck with the roses, but these came out ok.
The butterfly in the memory glass is the exact butterfly thats under it on
the actual paper from the cover.  and gotta love that prima flourish bling!!!
The butterfly is "Recollections"... aka M's brand made by Prima.

I TOTALLY LOVE the cover of this album.  The detail
on the birdcage itself isnt shown very well here, but it has
soooo much texture!!  I cut it out on vintage dictionary covered
grungepaper, then I inked it (of course), then I covered it in UTEE
and heat embossed it.  After it cooled I added Rock Candy distress
stickles to it.  It has sooooo much texture and shimmer.  I love it!
I really put a lot of TLC into that birdcage.  I dont think the
bird is too shabby either :)

Either way they are both really nice minis.  Both of the covers are
unique in their own way.

I cant decide if I should post all the insides or not.  I dont want to spoil
everything for Jerzey because I know she will be peeking!!  I guess that
I can since they arent "finished".  The things that will be added can be
her surprises.  I certainly hope that she isnt disappointed with whichever
one that she receives.  I guess its gonna depend on the finished product anyway.
Or I can do the "pick a hand" with my girls....... LOL!

OK, OK...... heres more pics......

Mariposa album.....

The Tim Holtz themed album.......

Sooo..... I would really love your comments and your help in
selecting an album to send.  They are both great in their
own ways.  Again, neither are complete.  They need tags, more
embellishments, ribbon, charms, etc.

And ps.... the Tim Holtz mini was made from the kit
that I had available on my blog a while back.  I still have
more than 1/2 of the embellishments and paper left to include!!!!!
Told ya, it was enough for 2 or 3 albums!!

Thanks for looking!!!


Kelly M said...

Hi Nancy,
Both albums are awesome. I have to choose. It's too hard. They are both different but so beautiful.
I would say the Tim Holtz one should go to a new home.
I'm going to be cheeky now LOL.
If you are looking for a home for the other album, I would gladly make another album and swap with you if you are interested. I'm sure you'll have many people asking that.(i'm Kam1 on the CMB)

jjabauer said...

ok this is really hard,both of them are gorgeous! I think if I really had to choose it would be the Mariposa album,but I think she will be super happy to get either of them!

Polka Dot Scrapper said...

Seriously?? You want us to choose?? Nancy, they are gorgeous!!!!! WOW!.

Now, you just need to come on over and help me START mine that I have been looking at for months...LOL

Ok, Ok, if I had to choose one..It's Timmy's..something about that birdcage is singing to me. The detail is truly extraordinary!

You are one talented lady!

Nik Anderson said...


Beautiful albums! Love them both for very different reasons. Love the Timmy one for all the vintage doo dads and technique you put into it, and love the mariposa one because, well just for the mere fact that I love butterflies and you have certainly built a beautiful book showcasing them.

I think you'll have to do a enie menie miny mo with them or put them in envelopes and mix them up and have someone just pick one and mail it.


Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy said...

I like the TH album more simply because of the pockets and real estate in there. I also love bingo cards, clocks and keys so there you go there is my vote!

Anonymous said...

nancy... I love your work!
I think you need to keep the timmy book for your self... hint hint... I love them both!