Dec 5, 2010

Welcome to December......

So, is it just me or does going 1 mile up the road now take 45 minutes because of holiday traffic??  These people are NUT-SO!!  Maybe its because there is no Christmas tree in my house yet or the fact that I know this year wont be so good for my girls when its time for "Santa" to come down the fireplace?  Im just NOT feeling it.  Im also NOT a fan of Christmas music...... it makes me want to beat my head into something.  Seriously, I dont know why, but it makes me violent!  LOL  There is ONLY 1 song that I love, I dont know what its called, its the drummer boy song, and I ONLY like it when my Dad sings it....... dumb, ey?  My Dad use to be the bass singer for a gospel group many, many, MANY years ago.  They actually had 2 albums that did pretty well.  Anyways........  so not what this post was suppose to be about....

Did I mention it is 5:00am???  For whatever reason the dogs started barking like crazy and woke me up.  Upon waking up, I found a mess and was so very upset that I cant sleep.  So, here I am.  I think I might try to go back to bed after this.  Who knows!

So........ I know you all have seen this.......

Normally I try to go as close to "day by day" with Tim, but I dont have much of what he is using so for right now, Im just watching.......... and enjoying.........  He is using so many techniques this year, a lot of the tags seem a bit more tamer than usual.  Maybe its just me??

I did post 1 video on youtube to go along with and help show/explain making the custom stamp pad for Day 2.  You can find the video on my youtube channel which is Goincricrazy.  Im new to making videos.  I dont edit them so what you see (and what I do/say) is what you get!  I record it and my husband takes it off the camera and puts it on a flash drive for me to upload.  He told me he will give me the program to edit them, but havent gotten that far.  I think Im lucky to be able to do what I am doing with them.  Normally if you put a program in front of me, I can figure it out, so now I just have to get it.

There was something else I wanted to tell you and I dont remember....... GRRRR!!!  What do you expect?  Its 5:09am!  LOL

oh oh oh oh yea......... 
Your Paper Pantry is having a ustream on sunday from 1:30pm-7pm EST for Christmas decorating and gift ideas.  Info is at

Another new wonderful ning site is by the FABULOUS Cynthialoowho -- her work is AMAZING!!  The address for that ning site is

Be sure to check both of them out.  I LOVE those sites....... AMAZING AMAZING women there with so much talent.  I TOTALLY need to sit in the corner around this ladies!!! 

Gonna go crawl back in the bed and attempt to sleep past 8am....... YEA RIGHT! 

Have a wonderful Sunday!! 

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