Jun 17, 2011


There has been a tragedy in my craft room tonight!
I had just finished filming my Wednesday WOC DT project
(ahead of schedule) and I moved my tripod...
Well, while moving my chair, I bumped the tripod and
my camera slammed to the floor.

My Fuji is dead!  It wont even turn on :*(
I LOVE my camera and don't know what Im
going to do because that baby wasnt cheap!

I have a Fuji FinePix S700....
Santa brought it to me a couple of years ago
while the girls were in TaeKwon Do so that I
could get all the action shots.
It has a great auto focus in the video and thats
a rare find in a digital camera.
Im sure that Fuji will charge me as much to
fix it as it would cost to replace it.

Ashleigh has a newer version of my camera that
I will be getting from her tomorrow.
Im still so sad because I LOVE my camera!
Its done a fabulous job for me and Im going to miss it.

RIP Fuji :*(

So, while I adjust to the new camera there might
not be any videos or pictures for a few days.
So much for a fresh start on the blog and with the new DT.

Im heart broken :(

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scrappy chic said...

i have to say it must be the camera! I have a fujifinepix s2500that i just bought in october, and i set it on my stairs a few months later just for a minute and my husband walked down and kicked it off and it didnt even hit the floor that hard but my camera also will not turn on. Sorry to hear that, it is devastating!