Jul 20, 2011

CHA Day 1

It's eye candy for the soul!
So many yummies every where you look!!
Day 1 of CHA has come and gone :)
I took videos of the Prima booth, the Ranger booth (a little),
Tim Holtz's Ideaology Booth and Several videos of Tim demoing!
HOWEVER..... I can not get my laptop to connect to Cindy's
network so I can upload anything.  Im going to try and find a way.
Maybe I can go to starbucks or something?!
Dont they have "Free Wi-Fi?!"

I have a couple of things that I picked up
for my youtube 1500 subscribers giveaway that I
will be posting when I return.  I wanted to wait until
after CHA to post it so that I could include some goodies from the show
to the lucky winner, or winners, I havent decided yet.

Tomorrow is another fun-filled day and I cant wait!
The 1st day you just kind of browse and take it all in,
then the next day you can really enjoy it.  This year I will be
attending Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for CHA
and Friday and Saturday for the "Expo" part of CHA as well as
the jewelry findings part, which I believe is new this year.
Its going to be such an amazingly fun week!

Last year when I came, I was only able to attend 1 1/2 days of CHA
because I had to be back at work on Thursday so I had to leave Wednesday.
This year I am able to attend all of it and I plan on enjoying every minute of it!

I can finally say "WHERE'S RUBY?!"...
YAHOOOO!  FINALLY!  I mean, seriously, we
have been friends for how long now?  LOL
HEY RUBY!!  We are having lunch together tomorrow at CHA :)

Anyway, its late, another early day tomorrow.
Just wanted to update you.

Thanks for stopping by!


♥♥RubyM:)♥♥ said...


Yes g by the booth and sweep me up!!! I wanna go to the Expo Show too!!

Will do lunch :)

I am beat it took me like 2hrs to get home sighhhhh so tired!


hollidais said...

Glad you are having fun. Go by and drool on the Tim Holtz stuff for me.

Love ya