Jul 20, 2011

CHA Day 2

Another great day at CHA!
Wait until you all see all the goodies
I have been gathering for a giveaway!!
I know there are a few things you are
definately going to want!
Please remember, this will NOT be a
blog giveaway!!  It will be YOUTUBE ONLY!  :)

I did get a pretty nasty burn today
from a hot glue gun.  I have a pretty bad
burn blister on my right thumb.  Its actually
so bad that the guy from the techs at the 1st aid
station wanted to call the AMBULANCE!!  LOL
NO, NO, NO!  I dont want or need that DRAMA!  HA!

Anyway, if you have any video requests I need to
know ASAP so that I can make sure I get them.
Tomorrow is the last day and its only a
partial day so I wont have much time!
EMAIL ME your requests!

Talk to you soon!
Thanks for stopping by!

1 comment:

Maureen #6745 said...

Just have a blast while you are there.... go just stand and stare at Tim for me....LOL cause that is what I would be doing there.... hugs, Maureen