Jul 17, 2011

It's almost time!!

Hey Everyone!
Its almost time!!
Time for me to catch the jetplane to Chicago!!
I can not tell you how freaking excited I am!
Not looking forward to the airports, but am sooo
looking forward to hangin' with my friends Cindy & John!!
(and my little Bud-man he has been waiting patiently for my return!  LOL)
....yea, he is the doggie.... LOL

I will let you know when I arrive!

CHA is going to be so much fun!
My "plan" is to video as many booths as
I can and hopefully not give you motion sickness!  LOL

TTYL :))


Pearl said...

Hey Nancy-
Have fun at CHA wish I was going..I can't believe that I am your 100th follower.. That is so cool. Lucky 100..Love your work and I will be contacting you soon.. Mini Smooches

Michelle said...

Hope you have a great trip!