Jul 8, 2011

White Washing Paperbags

Hey Everyone!

I had a few requests on how I
white washed the paperbags that
I used in the blue paperbag mini album.

For this sample I will be using Green bags :)

Here are the bags before:

Here is the bag after:

As you can see the bag is toned down a lot.
I love this white washed effect!

Here are the bags before and after side by side:

Here you can see the texture:

Here is a close up side by side:

Pretty big difference as you can tell.

Here is the video tutorial for this technique.
I really like the effect it gives and the Gesso adds
a really nice texture to any surface.
More like a chalky, rough texture than you
would get with regular Acrylic paint, but
you can use that just as easily :)

If you have any questions just let me know!

Thanks for stopping by!

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