Sep 1, 2011

Hey Everyone!

Hey Everyone!
Sorry for the lack of blog posts over the last
week or so.  My Dad was visiting from Orlando
over the weekend and I spent most of last week
preparing for his visit.  You know how that goes...

I have a couple of projects that I am
working on and will be posting them
sometime this weekend!

I just realized that I have 108 followers!!
Thanks Everyone!

I need to get better at taking pictures
of my projects.  Its just after I do the video
and film it my usual 5+ times I don't want to
mess with it anymore, plus I take really bad pictures!
I'm asking Santa for a light box to help me!

For those that have been asking about how
the job interview went, well, I have no idea!
I think that I did pretty good and I do
qualify for the job, her only concern is
that I haven't worked retail in almost 17 years!!
And I haven't ever managed a staff larger than 3
employees at a time, but dude, I CAN totally do it!
Yea, I only had 3 employees at a time,
but I was running a finance company!!
Can you say, "High Pressure, High Stress?!"
I thought that she told me she would call
me either way on Tuesday, but I have
not heard a word from her.
She told me that I would probably do
a 2nd interview with the big boss, no word
from that either.  If I don't hear from her by
Friday afternoon I will call her :)
It would be awesome to work there, but
I might have to pay THEM to work there :D

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and for
hanging in there with me :)

Where's RUBY?!  :))


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