Jun 29, 2012


Hey Everyone!

So, this is definatley more proof that IM A BAD BLOGGER......... I dont even know when the last time I posted anything was.  I really, honestly, just cant get into it.  It might be that Ive never been happy with the overall blog design.  I need to buckle down and do something with it, but who has time for that?!  Working full-time and working on DT projects, plus the videos for them, doesnt leave me much time to do the other stuff.  I have renewed the imabadblogger.com name for another year, so only time will tell.  Seriously, I just need someone to fix it for me :(

Anyway, hope you all have a happy and safe weekend!

Until the next 6 months..... LOL

ps....... I just looked and my last post was exactly 6 months ago today....... *sigh*

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Cowgirlnicey said...

I'm the same for some reason I can't blog cuz I can't get my blog the way I want it, lol. I found u by accident looking for another you tube video and u wer in the list. I saw a key so I clicked on it. I now have u on my blog to follow u. Ur keys r so so cute. Ima making some will send u pics once I'm done. Thanks for the idea love it.