Feb 3, 2014

And the "Tradition" continues!

Its been over a year and a half since I have even logged into Blogger!  Honestly, I never even think about it... well, I do, but I dont have time to deal with it.  HOW do you all do it?  
Ive been in MEGA NO MOJO mode lately.  Ive been working on the same 12x12 canvas layout for one of my daughters for over 3 WEEKS!  Hey, I managed to glue down some trim and the pictures... thats something, ey?  Maybe I can finish it this week, but dont count on it.  
There are several of you that "know me"... personally... those of you that know my "life", know what Ive been through the past 1 year plus!  My marriage of 23 years ended in divorce and Ive moved on to another "new" life and Im actually VERY happy and VERY happy IN LOVE and BEING LOVED! 

~*~*~*~*~Its wonderful~*~*~*~*~

Life brings us different things and we own have our own paths.  Im doing what I can to enjoy the ride!

Anyway, I just wanted to drop in and say HELLO out there!  :)

Im still around....... somewhere?!.....  Until next time (maybe not a year for the next one, but well see).

Hugs!  :)


ScrappyStuff said...

I hear ya! Sometimes life gets in the way! ... I blame my inability to post on NOT having sufficient compatible technology! I'm challenging myself to post at least once a month!

Janice said...

Hey Nancy!! Hope you are doing well...you sound VERY happy!! I changed the name of my blog and lost all my blogs I was following, so am going through the list of those following mine to get them back! Incase you lost my blog when I changed the name, it is now www.scrappinwithj.blogspot.com

Asphodel said...

Hi Nancy, I was thinking about you today and hunted you down! LOL I hope you are well :) I was glad to happen upon this most recent "sign of life" from you since your last youtube video was quite some time ago. It's nice to see that despite all, you are enjoying life!!! Take care sweetie!! Miss ya! Hugs, Carole in Quebec (Mademoiselle Asphodel)